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Gen-Y Programme



Secondary Schools:

We leverage the time, energy and relative disposable income which teenagers have and deliver programmes aimed at harnessing these resources. These programmes deliver a 12-week curriculum on entrepreneurship and personal finance management. Teenagers also enter individually and as a group into our annual Business Plan Competition.



The RegCharles Foundation has a network of vibrant youth in the tertiary institutions that benefit from information and projects focused on entrepreneurship. To develop a saving culture, members of the network are signed on to the RegCharles GEN-Y Savings Scheme with attractive returns on their savings.



The mandatory national service provides us a unique opportunity to provide alternative sources of employment to youths by providing the knowledge, skills and tools required to build sustainable businesses. The youths also build leadership skills by acting as coordinators for our Entrepreneurship Programme for Rural Women.


Street Urchins:


Street urchins (popularly called Area Boys), though looked upon as troublemakers in the society, possess youthful energy and sometimes already earn a daily income. The RegCharles Foundation engages these youths in skill acquisition and entrepreneurship trainings to enable them channel their energies and financial resources into more productive ventures.




Youths who have passed through the tertiary institutions but remain unemployed are linked up with internship and volunteer opportunities to build leadership and employability skills. Entrepreneurship and personal finance management training is also delivered to these youths to encourage them to take up the entrepreneurship challenge.





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