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Our Strategy for Change


Our Strategy is driven by our major areas of focus:

       •   Agriculture & Food

       •   Children & Youth

       •   Economic opportunity

       •   Education

       •   Environment

       •   Health

       •   Innovations

       •   Women & Gender


We work in line with the objectives of the Foundation, which are as follows;

1.  Social and Impact investing in entrepreneurial minded women, irrespective of age, and youths of the age of 18-40.

2. Philanthropy to the less privileged especially young women, the homeless, the youths and Non Governmental Organizations.
3.  Apply for grants and manage grants in related projects in our sectors of interest and give grants as deemed fit by the  Trustees of the Foundation in pursuance of our objectives.
4.  Provide capacity development programs related to entrepreneurial men, women and youths in the following areas;
       a. Introduction to Business planning.
       b. Introduction to entrepreneurship.
       c. Financial Literacy
       d. Credit Management and Loan repayment
       e. Customer relations and loyalty.
       f. Staff management/development
       g. Leadership in business.
       h. Micro insurance and business Law.
       i. Role of ICT in Business Transformation.
5. Provide social and impact investment opportunities to agro-related business in agro allied sectors.
6. Provide technical assistance to local and international organizations in relation to our objectives.

7.Represent any international philanthropic body, Non Governmental Organizations foundations and the like in pursuance of our Objectives.
8. To represent any entity seeking to use our infrastructure as a basis to reach our market segment.
9. To belong to any organization and related institutions in furtherance of our objectives.
10. To provide to the relevant entrepreneurs business incubation support and services such as;
       a. Help with business basics.
       b. Networking activities.
       c. Marketing assistance.
       d. Mentoring and Coaching.
       e. Help with accounting/financial management.
       f. Facilitation of access to bank loans, funds and guarantee programs.
       g. Help with presentation skills.
       h. Links to strategic partners.
       i. Comprehensive business training programs.
       j. Advisory boards and mentors.
       k. Management team identification.
       l. Help with business etiquette.
       m. Technology commercialization assistance.
       n. To provide trainings such as but not limited to;

             •    Branding and Market development

             •    Value chain development.SME Toolkit training.

             •    Cash management

             •    Business Edge.

             •    Strategic planning

             •    Business scenario building.

       o. To offer products and services such as but not limited to;

             •    Business development.

             •    Staff development

             •    Corporate and organizational retreat

             •    Consensus building

             •    Teamwork and Leadership development.

             •    Action planning.

             •    Group facilitation.

             •    SME Toolkit.

             •    Product branding

             •    Sustainable livelihoods.

             •    Research and Development.

       n. To attend to trainings and capacity development matters of the general public




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