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Women's Programme


Through the RegCharles Female Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Network (RFEEN Click here to join), the RegCharles Foundation provides entrepreneurship support to the following categories of female entrepreneurs:


Executive Entrepreneurs:

Women-run businesses have their peculiar challenges ranging from societal bias, to access to finance and competition in a male-dominated world. RegCharles Foundation provides support to these women, who have run their own businesses for between 3 and 7 years, in the form of mentorship, access to markets, financial literacy classes, access to information, etc. RegCharles Foundation is in partnership with the Cherie Blair Foundation to link women entrepreneurs in the developed world to women entrepreneurs in Nigeria for the purpose of sharing workable business strategies and information relevant to their businesses. To be introduced to any woman entrepreneur, please send an e-mail to partners@rfcng.com with the subject Introduction to an RFEE Network entrepreneur. Click to view the recent FEMALE CEOS ROUNDTABLE - POST EVENT REPORT.


Start-Up Entrepreneurs:

Some women have run their businesses for 0-3 years. Others presently hold full-time positions but are looking to pursue entrepreneurship within the next 1 year. RegCharles Foundation provides requisite training to these women to ensure they build the right foundation from the beginning. Our Start-up entrepreneurs are linked to our rural entrepreneurs for skill acquisition and serve as mentors to our teenage girls who live in the rural areas.


Rural Entrepreneurs:

Some of our female entrepreneurs live in the rural communities. RegCharles Foundation provides opportunities for capacity development, in addition to access to markets for their products. In partnerships with Sandler Trade and NACCIMA, these women now have an opportunity to export their products to the United States and the Nordic Countries, respectively.


Adopt-a-Girl Programme:


Teenage girls in the rural communities are linked to our Start-Up Entrepreneurs who provide mentorship to them.







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